Established in 2016 by founders with deep experience in trading agriculture products, DAO NGUYEN TPI Co.,Ltd had grown to be a top agriculture products exporter, committed to the belief that quality is our most valuable treasure.

Our original customers were in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the United States. But now DAO NGUYEN’s customers are in many countries and all continents: Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin and South America and Australia. DAO NGUYEN TPI Co.,Ltd has since 2016 grown to the top of the pepper export businesses of Viet Nam, taking 8% of the export share worldwide and holding this position till today.

DAO NGUYEN has established a laboratory to study agricultural products. Built and operated in accordance with international standards, applying the 17025 quality management system.

DAO NGUYEN TPI Co.,Ltd has achieved the goal of stably developing large-scale, professional supply chains of agricultural products offered worldwide, with the ability to trade agricultural products and materials in all countries and territories. The journey of DAO NGUYEN – the journey of a big ship to sail the ocean – has confirmed our mission of being the best exporting agricultural product business of Vietnam.

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